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May 19, 2012 11:15pm EDT
in the western united states with fires already burning in five western states. one in prescott, arizona, and the other in northern colorado. and the fire started earlier this week and is burning near ft. collins, colorado, and that is burningin in pines and steep areas of the region. the winds helped with the fire and there are evacuations of some smaller communities. it's beautiful and dangerous. >> you have to deal with it. and that is beautiful and this is coming with the territory. >> that is scary. you know, we have friends, neighbors, you know and this is a tight community here and, you know, i am worried. i'm really worried about it. >> reporter: a fire burning near prescott, arizona, not far from phoenix continues to burn and started last sunday. the gladiator fire chewed up more than 13,000 acres and is burning in the remote areas and stay away from the mining towns. so far, the winds have died down and helping them in their fight. the humidity is still at very low levels. and as they burn, the neighbors are keeping a close eye on what is happening with the fire situation in ca
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1